out late with oliver sacks


Un breve articolo del compagno di Oliver Sacks, due piccoli episodi accaduti durante gli ultimi mesi di vita del dottore. Incredibile. Va letto tutto; qui ne riporto solo l'incipit. (La fotografia in apertura dell'articolo è bellissima.)

When Oliver Sacks died on Aug. 30 of last year, at 82, the world lost a beloved author and neurologist. I lost my partner.

Oliver hated that term: partner. “A partner is what one has in business,” he would say, bristling, “not in bed, not in the kitchen next to you making dinner.” The man was nothing if not meticulous about words. We’d never married — never wanted to — so “husband” was out, and “companion” was too euphemistic. Oliver was old-fashioned: He preferred the word “lovers.” We loved each other; that said it.